8/17/17: Vince sours on Dolph, Summerslam Trivia, 205 Live gets good

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:

  • We do a Game of Thrones recap because we can’t ignore a show this good. Is Littlefinger playing Sansa against Arya? Who will die when Jon goes past the wall? Is it wise trying to get Cersei’s help? I’ll answer that one now; no, no it isn’t.
  • We cover how far Dolph has fallen in the last 6 months after a story about Vince souring on him arises and it’s all due to Cena.
  • Daniel Bryan is doing a strange medical treatment to get his head right for a return to the ring. Will it work and why does Cam hate him?
  • 205 Live impresses this week. A few great matches and Neville starts to get a little BROKEN himself.
  • Summerslam preview with our predictions. Which match are worthy of a nice long nap, which are must see and which ones have terrible builds.

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Will Ronda Rousey be good for WWE?

In the news this week, we learned that Ronda Rousey is training with The Brian Kendrick to become a wrestler. This brought up the discussion, will she be good for WWE or will her presence hold back other talent in the company? Listen to a short clip of our discussion below:

Did Roman make Braun?

This week, we discussed / argued profusely about whether or not Braun is so over today only because he has been for months punishing everyone’s most favorite superstar to hate, Roman Reigns. Cam and Randy say hell no, Braun has tons of charisma and a natural intensity. While Jeremy states that if Big Cass was put in the same spot, he’d also be headlining Summerslam right now. Who do you side with? Listen below to hear the full argument.

Who would your favorite WWE Superstar be in Game of Thrones?

Since Game of Thrones is starting up again this week and because we are all huge GoT fans, this week on the podcast, we decided to cast our favorite GoT characters using WWE Superstars. Below are all the characters we chose. Listen to the clip to hear our explanations.

Featured in the clip

  • Jon Snow: AJ Styles
  • Jamie Lannister: Seth Rollins
  • Cersei Lannister: Stephanie McMahon
  • Tyrion Lannister: Enzo Amore which makes Cass, Bronn
  • Ramsey Bolton: Baron Corbin
  • Stannis Baratheon: Roman Reigns
  • Littlefinger: The Miz
  • The Night’s King / Whitewalkers: Brock Lesnar

Others featured only on the podcast

  • Arya Stark: Becky Lynch since both seem like sweet girls but are really bad asses.
  • Sansa Stark: Bayley since both are innocent and stuck in horrible relationships/fueds.
  • Daenerys Targaryen: Charlotte or Alexa. This one was hotly contested and still no clear winner. Charlotte is from a noble family and has made it to the top on her own. Alexa started from a sweet innocent girl and is now a bad ass and top woman in WWE just as Daenerys rose to the top… although Alexa didn’t have dragons to help her.
  • Aerys Targaryen AKA “The Mad King”: Another “king” who is also drunk with power, Vince McMahon. Aerys burned his citizens, Vince continuously pushes guys who wrestling fans hate. Basically the same person. Also he just cancelled Talking Smack, nuff said.
  • Jaqen H’ghar: Tyler Breeze since he is also a master of disguise
  • The Mountain: It’s a no brainer that this is Braun, plus they are friends in real life so that’s nice.
  • Samwell Tarly: Sami Zayn as they are both underdogs and never stop talking. Also both named Sam. It writes itself.

What is the Worst Finisher in WWE?

WWP runs through a bracket of the top 8 worst finishers in WWE as voted on by the hosts. There was tough competition with the likes of the Apollo Crews’ standing moonsault, the World’s Strongest Slam, Styles Clash and the Ruff Ryder. After finally narrowing it down to Dolph’s lame ass Zig Zag and Roman’s cartoonish looking Superman punch, we pick the worst finisher in the WWE. Will it be a move that let’s us know what Roman looks like when he jerks off or will it be a slightly inconvenient neck breaker. Find out by listening below to the clip of the Finals of the Worst Finisher in WWE.

WWP’s Best of 4-05-2017

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast, we recap the entire Wrestlemania card and review how our predictions from last week. Cam starts the show explaining his opinion on the Undertaker fans who cry over him leaving. We play a new game called the Old Gimmick Match Game where Cam/Randy are given a set of 3 old gimmicks / ring names and have to match them up to 3 current ring names in 30 secs. We also talk about the idiotic crap Vince Russo said on his latest podcast and discuss other news and rumors.

On our ‘Best of’ for the week, you will hear clips from these discussions:

  • Cam explains why Undertaker fans are cry-babies
  • The lengthy Hall of Fame show is reviewed. God it was so long.
  • Cena’s proposal reactions
  • Jeremy is over Bray Wyatt and his magical powers to convince the guy backstage to show maggots in the ring.
  • Vince Russo thinks he can “beat up” Finn Balor and that woman aren’t meant to be leaders
  • Simon Gotch was released for allegedly being an egotistical asshole


To listen to the full podcast, click the podcast link on the right of the page.

WWP Hall of Fame Class of 2017

We drafted what we feel is only deserving wrestlers since it seems WWE doesn’t always pick the people that belong in a real HOF. We used a format where we picked only 1 man, 1 woman, 1 tag team and 1 builder. So here are our picks:


Kurt Angle


Tag Team

Dudley Boyz




Eric Bischoff

Why is there no Royal Rumble for the women?

Women’s Revolution my butt, why aren’t we seeing a Women’s Rumble this year? Not enough numbers you say? Then do a 20-women rumble. You have about 6-7 women on each show, add in some women from NXT and some legends as they do with the main rumble and you have enough to do a 20 women royal rumble. It seems like all year, they were trying to “make history” with woman matches and then they drop the ball at the second biggest PPV of the year. Come on, you know Victoria and Ivory have nothing better to do this time of year.


Why Alexa Bliss should dump Buddy Murphy for me?

Alexa Bliss should dump Buddy Murphy for me and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Buddy Murphy was an NXT tag team champ. That’s cool, but I have a podcast with at least 5 listeners. Easy win for me.
  • Buddy Murphy has a good body, ok good for him, but i have a mid-sized suv AND it’s a Mazda.
  • So he’s got a charming Australian accent. I have a more charming Boston accent, I’m the clear winner again.
  • Buddy Murphy does a running brain buster as a finishing move… hmm I can’t compete with that, that’s fucking awesome. Although I’ve never seen him win so I’m taking the win on this one too.
  • Alexa loves dogs and even has two. Guess who else has two, yup that’s right, I do. We’re both huge dog-lovers. Who can resist this face? chiana
  • Buddy is a dog’s name. Jesus, is that why she likes him?? That’s weird to even think about so I’m taking the win once again.
  • She dresses like Harley Quinn. I am willing to wear Joker makeup if thats what she’s into. Would Buddy?? Doubtful.
  • Alexa loves Disney. According to Alexa’s Instagram, Buddy just recently took his first photo with a Disney character. I did that shit when I was 4.  I freaking love disney and you better believe I’ll take her to Space Mountain … it’s my favorite coaster.
  • And finally, when she’s in the ring cutting a promo and she looks directly into the camera, I see the way she looks at me. Why you got to be so coy Alexa?