WWP becomes Wresting Without Reason

The World Wrasslin Podcast has become Wrestling Without Reason. Our show's format has changed so much since we started as basically just a WWE weekly review podcast so we decided to rebrand the whole thing. On Wrestling Without Reason, we will spend a short amount of time reviewing the week, but we will mainly focus … Continue reading WWP becomes Wresting Without Reason

Maybe, Finn getting injured wasn’t so bad?

Before we start I want everyone to know I am not happy Finn or any wrestler got injured ever!!! I am just trying find the bright side!! When Finn Balor finally appeared on Raw for many it was an amazing moment. Fans have been waiting for long time to see how Finn would do on … Continue reading Maybe, Finn getting injured wasn’t so bad?

Raw is the C show

I'm going to try and keep this short. Raw has become the C show. Yes, the C show. I think it's pretty well accepted by now that Smackdown is leagues ahead of Raw. It even beat Raw in the ratings last week. I would even say that NXT is ahead of Raw. It is for … Continue reading Raw is the C show

End of the Year Awards

Here's an amalgamated list of each of our answers. Breakout Star of the Year: AJ, Dean, Ellsworth Woman of the Year: Charlotte Match of the Year (WWE) : KO vs Sami at Battleground, AJ vs. Cena at Summerslam Match of the Year (NXT) : Revival vs DIY Takeover Toronto, Finn vs Samoa Joe at Lowell, MA, … Continue reading End of the Year Awards