Maybe, Finn getting injured wasn’t so bad?

Before we start I want everyone to know I am not happy Finn or any wrestler got injured ever!!!

I am just trying find the bright side!!

When Finn Balor finally appeared on Raw for many it was an amazing moment. Fans have been waiting for long time to see how Finn would do on the main roster. Next, we all thought that Vince will fuck this up for us, but Vince surprised us all and did the right thing. Finn beat Roman on Raw to become number one contender for the Universal title. Then out some amazing dream, Finn Balor became first Universal champion beating Seth Rollins.  However, even the Demon King couldn’t escape the injurer Seth Rollins. So Finn relquinished the title and stepped aside.

This is where greatness was born. Kevin Owens went on to become the second Universal champion. That alone was amazing, but what came next would transcend the year. That was Jeri-KO, they became the face of Raw. No matter how much Vince attempted to make it Roman Reigns, Jeri-KO were and are Raw. Through their friendship we found the comedy and captivating promos we have been missing for years, dare I say since Rock and Austin. Their friendship also created the greatest WWE superstar of the year the LIST. Oo, the list such a simple idea that became the backbone of the flagship show. I will remember 2016 because of the list and of course AJ Styles.

So maybe Finn Balor would have been amazing and defined 2016, but all I know is if he never went down the list may have never been created and that’s not a wrestling world I want live in.

P.S. I guess we owe Seth Rollins a thanks because without his never ending injury train, we never would have saw a rebirth of Chris Jericho.

Raw is the C show

I’m going to try and keep this short. Raw has become the C show. Yes, the C show. I think it’s pretty well accepted by now that Smackdown is leagues ahead of Raw. It even beat Raw in the ratings last week. I would even say that NXT is ahead of Raw. It is for me. NXT may not have the most creative stories but they have great wrestlers and they spend the time to show off those wrestlers with decent length matches.

Raw spends too much time on squash matches, replays of events that have just occurred, old wrestlers to get cheap nostalgia pops and the over-done “authority” angle. Do the GM and commish need to be involved at every point in the show? And when they do appear, it’s as if the whole segment is about them. You should be helping new stars get over, not boosting your own stock. DB/Shane only appear for quick segments on Smackdown and it’s to help promote whoever they are with at the time. The Raw writers need to step up their creative game if they want to keep the 3 hour format and compete with their other brands. It’s impossible to watch live with so much filler and old material. There just needs to be more substance to keep fans interested for 3 hours every Monday.


End of the Year Awards

Here’s an amalgamated list of each of our answers.

  • Breakout Star of the Year: AJ, Dean, Ellsworth
  • Woman of the Year: Charlotte
  • Match of the Year (WWE) : KO vs Sami at Battleground, AJ vs. Cena at Summerslam
  • Match of the Year (NXT) : Revival vs DIY Takeover Toronto, Finn vs Samoa Joe at Lowell, MA, Sami vs Shinsuke
  • Disappointment of the year: Finn getting universal title and then getting injured, Dolph’s career
  • Tag Team of the Year (WWE): New Day, Enzo and Cass, Heath Slater & Rhyno
  • Tag Team of the Year (NXT): The Revival
  • NXT Superstar of the Year: Shinsuke, Samoa Joe
  • Heel of the Year: Miz, Samoa Joe
  • Babyface of the Year: Shinsuke, Becky Lynch, Dean Ambrose
  • Moment of the year:  Finn winning the universal title shot on his first night and winning the title, The list of Jericho, Golberg beating Brock in 60 seconds
  • Funniest Segment: Rhyno Claus on Talking Smack, New Day makes the list
  • Who to look out for 2017: Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin
  • Superstar of the Year: AJ