Time to breakup the New Day? When will Roman’s reign end? Tag Team BOAT finals

  • To open the show this week, we ask what is going on with Roman Reigns. Reports suggest that Vince has given up on him while at the same time other reports say they are trying to get him over by having him fight the establishment as if that hasn’t already been tried to death. Is all hope lost for him or can he be saved?
  • We finally reach the end of our Best Tag Team of All Time tournament putting two Attitude Era teams head-to-head once again. Using 7 categories we choose whether the Hardy Boyz or Edge & Christian will become WWP’s Best Tag Team of All Time.
  • Lastly, we discuss if it is the right time to break up the New Day. Who will be the biggest star? Whose career will be hurt the most by the break up?
  • We also quickly recap our experience at Ring of Honor’s War of the Worlds tour which we attended this week.

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Best Tag Team of All Time Tourney Standings

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 8.25.20 AM

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