Women Only PPV? Higher Ceiling: McIntrye or Cass? Tag Team BOAT Semis

  • The idea of having an all women’s PPV has been talked about much in the IWC this week so we discuss if we think the talent and fan interest is there to make it successful.
  • Since Drew McIntrye and Big Cass have been killing it with their promos lately and since Cam has an irrational hate for Cass, we discuss who we think will have the better WWE career… in a completely impartial way as always.
  • Lastly, we decided the finals of the Tag Team Best of All Time tourney with Road Warriors vs. Edge and Christian and the Hardyz vs the Dudleys, Boyz vs Boyz.
  • Also, we gush over Infinity War with only minor spoilers.

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Best Tag Team of All Time Tourney Standings

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8.10.11 AM

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