Superstar Shakeup repercussions, Cena-Nikki split, WTH is happening with Rusev Day

  • This week we start the show discussing the Cena and Nikki split. We ask the question, is Cena a robot? We talk about the legal document he made Nikki sign saying she’d leave the premises if they ever broke-up.
  • We talk about the winner, loser, most anticipated feud coming from the Superstar Shakeup this week.
  • Our Best Tag Team of All Time tourney continues with round 2 having the Dudleys Boyz up against the Outsiders and the Usos verses the Hardy Boyz.
  • Lastly, we ask what the hell is going on with Rusev Day? He’s getting TV time, he’s main eventing SD, he’s back in the casket match with Undertaker, but he is still losing every week. Is this a push? What the hell is going on???

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Best Tag Team of All Time Tourney Standings

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.54.33 PM

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