Flip Gordon joins us to talk BC, WWE/NJPW, SuperBowl and our BOAT tourney Round 1 concludes

  • Ring of Honor’s biggest rising star, Flip Gordon, joins us and talks about possibly joining the #BulletClub, if there is any #WWE/#NJPW aspirations, who he’s picking in the #Superbowl, he admits to being a huge #JohnCena fan, we learn how to properly eat cereal and much more.
  • In the news, #JeremyBorash is signed to work in #NXT and Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins are dealing with some injuries.
  • We review #Takeover and the #RoyalRumble and see how well we did with our predictions.
  • We finish up the first round of our Best of All Time tournament with #AJStyles v #CMPunk and #Flair v #Angle.
  • Our best and worst Moments of the Week include Miz retaining IC title as a top moment while the impending breakup of Kami was by far the worst moment.

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Best of All Time Tourney Standings

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.50.59 AM.png

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