Royal Rumble Jeopardy, XFL Returns, BOAT Tourney featuring HHH v HBK

  • We review the best and worst moments from #Raw25 and #SDLive. Topping the list is the Texas Rattlesnake stunning #VinceMcMahon one more time and at the very bottom, the misuse / lack of use of all of the other legends who appeared.
  • Randy and Cam go head-to-head in a Royal Rumble Jeopardy style trivia game.
  • The #XFL2020 is back and we talk about why it just might work this time around.
  • Our #BOAT tourney continues with two more tough matchups: #Undertaker v #StoneCold and #HHH v #HBK.
  • Big news story of the week, Enzo is accused of rape and then fired from #WWE and why this had such a big effect on our show.
  • The show concludes with predictions for #NXTTakeover and the #RoyalRumble.

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Best of All Time Tourney Standings

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.34.36 AM.png

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