2018 Predictions, Superstar Mashup Game, Why Cena is better than Jeff Hardy

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast

  • We break down the best and worst moments of the week culminating in a surprise WWE championship handicap match and RAW continues to replay the same tired Brock feud.
  • Predictions made for 2018 including some “bold” predictions like Jinder will be gone in a year and Hogan returning in the Rumble.
  • Superstar Mashup game – we choose 3 superstars at random and have to pick one of the following from each: move set, look or promo ability. See what we choose when we get Eddie Guerrero, Yokozuna and Tatanka.
  • In the news, Carmella and Big Cass split.
  • To end the show, we discuss why the IWC thinks Jeff Hardy is better than John Cena.

Listen below and remember to follow. You can also subscribe on Apple podcastsPlayer FMtunein, Stitcher :

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