Scariest wrestlers ever, Defending Lio Rush, Did Taker try to kidnap a porn star?

  • Recap of the Chaotic Wrestling show we attended last week.
  • WWE Price is Right is back with old Hasbro figures, PPV memorabilia and worn in ring gear of some of your favorite superstars.
  • We pick our 5 Scariest WWE wrestlers of all time.
  • Steph and Braun return on Raw, Strangerer things happening on SD Live
  • Miz v Corbin twitter feud
  • News
    • All of the releases from this week including Lio Rush’s comment about Emma.
    • A story about Jenna Jameson being scared that the Undertaker was going to kidnap her when she was 16.
    • Sin Cara signs multi-year deals, gets push
    • Impact trying to get deal with NJPW

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