Nia wants to pull a Neville, Worst Stable Ever Bracket, WWE’s One-Dimensional Characters

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:

  • Nia Jax is unhappy with her pay and angles so is considering leaving. We talk about why this is different than Neville’s situation.
  • Shield takes over Raw but everything non-Shield was terrible.
  • Worst Stables Ever Bracket with stables like Right to Censor, Spirit Squad, Social Outcasts and the Oddities.
  • We do some crazy TLC predications to try and make this terrible PPV interesting.
  • We discuss why WWE has o many one-dimensional characters like Braun, Bayley etc.
  • News
    • Nevillle is gone for good
    • How WWE made sure Kane’s appearance on RAW was a mystery.
    • Many supersatrs asking Cody about the indies as they considered leaving too.
  • Rumors
    • Samoa Joe cleared for return
    • Balor vs Brock a possibility for Wrestlemania?
    • The 3-on-5 TLC match is expected to go “very long.”

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