Neville “The man WWE should forget”!

The rumors are flying about Neville walking out of Raw and saying he quit.  The reasons behind Neville unexpected quitting have varied from not wanting to lose to Enzo to being mad he is not on Wrestlemania DVD.  Personally I could care less about his motive, this type of attitude does not belong in the business.  Wrestling works the best when everyone together is looking out for the whole company and not putting themselves above the product.   You know what happens when we have wrestler thinking that the show should revolve around them, we have WCW Hulk Hogan at the end or the whole run of TNA with Double JJ.

Now, the heat involving Enzo as champion is ridiculous in my opinion. If you work in the back and not see what Enzo is bringing to cruiser-weight division is insane.  Enzo may not have the technical ability like Neville, but when Enzo is in the ringing people pay attention.  In the end WWE is no like NJWP, it is not all about technical ability.  You need be able to capture the crowd with the story.  Don’t get me wrong Neville King of the Cruiser-weight run was awesome, he reinvented himself and held the title for most of the year.  The problem is even with Neville great run as champ, people were not watching 205 live.  Enzo made people watch, so dropping the title to Enzo is not an insult its doing what is best for your program.  With Enzo as champ, every other wrestler on 205 Live can be showcased more which helps the brand.  If Neville does not understand that, than fine leave go back to the indies. Because there is no place in today’s WWE for someone thinks they are to good to lose to anyone.  Look at the greats that have lost to Jinder, who is terrible and you do not see any of them quieting that is because they are professionals.

Neville, leave WWE we will not miss you, go be the hero for all the indie nerds. Maybe you can join the Bullet Club or win the ROH title or as I call it the WWE unemployment line.

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