WWP hits one year mark

Today marks WWP’s one year anniversary as a podcast. A year ago today, we narrowed the list of possible podcast names down to one, the World Wrasslin Podcast. I still like Coupa Haters Podcast but oh well. We made it through a whole year with help from many people so I want to take the time now to thank them.

  • First off, we have to thank Vinny Mac for giving us the WWE and the what feels like millions of hours of content that they add every week. Because of him, we get to spend every single waking moment watching wrestling instead of spending it with friends or family. THANKS VINCE.
  • Next up, there’s a whole group of guys that help provide interesting content every week and without them none of our best segments would have been possible. Yes, you guessed it, it’s the bat-shit insane wrestlers who are no longer allowed anywhere near WWE TV. So Ryback, Kamala, Sid Vicious, Billy Graham and of course, my boy, Marty Jannetty, thank you so so much. You guys are amazing… amazingly crazy.
  • And of course, I got to thank Cam and Randy. Without Cam deciding one day that he’s really bored and needs more hobbies, there would be no WWP. Without Randy, some of the funniest moments on the show would have never happened, like the time he randomly fell off his chair or the other time his chair collapsed. Chairs are his natural enemy.
  • Lastly, I have to thank the puppies for that one show where they were not completely annoying. They are such good dogs.

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