9/06/2017: Cena is gay? WWE 8 Bit Challenge, Big Show vs Braun 3

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:

  • GFW in trouble? Jarrett takes leave of absence and it’s is hemorrhaging money
  • WWE 8 bit challenge returns – a guessing game using 8-bit versions of WWE theme songs.
  • New Cena v. Roman promo where Roman hints that Cena may be into him. Is he?
  • Big Show vs Braun 3 review and it’s our Match of the Week. Some of our hate for cage matches may come up…
  • News for the week including JBL leaving SD, new Superstar Shakeup coming, Superstar Billy Graham calls out Ric Flair for some reason and more.
  • Cena close to being cast in a new DC movie with the Rock

Listen below and remember to follow. You can also subscribe on Apple podcastsPlayer FMtunein and Stitcher:

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