8/31/2017: Roman v. Cena promo battle, PWI Top 500 review, Game of Thrones finale reactions

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:

  • Big discussion on the Cena vs Roman promo. Huge rants on people who give Cena so much credit for his “Never give up” motto.
  • PWI Top 500 Wrestlers list for 2017 review. Some notables: Okada is at #1 knocking off Reigns who drops to #5. Jinder Mahal is #30 when he didn’t even make the list last year.
  • New Marty Jannetty story building on last week, he was on instagram bragging about getting with some neighborhood triplets.
  • Sexy Star finally speaks about Triplemania where she purposely injured Rosemary. We run down her lame response.
  • In Entertainment, we recap the Defenders Netflix series and also the Game of Thrones finale and give our thoughts on all the developments.

Listen below and remember to follow. You can also subscribe on Apple podcastsPlayer FMtunein and Stitcher:

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