8/17/17: Vince sours on Dolph, Summerslam Trivia, 205 Live gets good

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:

  • We do a Game of Thrones recap because we can’t ignore a show this good. Is Littlefinger playing Sansa against Arya? Who will die when Jon goes past the wall? Is it wise trying to get Cersei’s help? I’ll answer that one now; no, no it isn’t.
  • We cover how far Dolph has fallen in the last 6 months after a story about Vince souring on him arises and it’s all due to Cena.
  • Daniel Bryan is doing a strange medical treatment to get his head right for a return to the ring. Will it work and why does Cam hate him?
  • 205 Live impresses this week. A few great matches and Neville starts to get a little BROKEN himself.
  • Summerslam preview with our predictions. Which match are worthy of a nice long nap, which are must see and which ones have terrible builds.

Listen below and remember to follow. You can also subscribe on Apple podcasts, Player FM, tunein and Stitcher:

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