Should Chad Gable be in cruiserweight division?

  • This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:
  • We started the show discussing the another problem with Internet Wrestling Community, specifically addressing what to do with Asuka belt in NXT.
  • We did run down of Raw including Brock leaving WWE after Summerslam, Jason Jordan on Miz TV,  Roman Reigns V Braun Strowman V Samoa Joe, and lastly the horrible Big Cass vs. Big Show match.
  • We played WWE Dating Profiles. Spoiler Me and Miz are going on a date.
  • We went over the wrestling world’s new and rumors of the week. Including Paige return to WWE, John Cena landing a major movie role sort of, things are looking bad for Enzo in the backroom, Paul Heyman wants Samoa Joe to get the title, The Edge and Christian show that Totally Reeks of Awesomeness cancelled :(, WWE profits not doing well, and Brock only going wrestle at Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.
  • We discussed  NXT major highlights  Aleister Black and Asuka.
  • We talked about all the top stories on Smackdown including the Aj Styles Vs. Kevin Owens another title change, Sami Zayn Vs. Aiden English, Fashion Files, our “MATCH OF THE WEEK” Rusev Vs. Chad Gable, and my personal “MATCH OF THE WEEK” Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. John Cena.

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