8/24/2017: McGregor’s next step, Jannetty wants to sex his daughter, Sid Vicious better than Rock?

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:

  • Some crazy stories this week like Marty Jannetty asking on Instagram if it’s ok to bang a girl who he thought was his daughter but he “did DNA” and she is not so it’s ok, right? We talked about this for awhile. I now know Jannetty would not do well in a MFK scenario.
  • Southpaw regional wrestling returns with your favorite characters and some new ones. We give our review.
  • Takeover and Summerslam recap and our prediction results. Not surprisingly, our Match of the Week came from NXT Takeover: Roode vs McIntyre.
  • We react to an insane interview given this week by Sid Vicious where he said that he is better than Austin and The Rock, his career was better than Flair’s and that Roman is a “good interview”.  Also he really hates KO aka the fat guy in a T-shirt.
  • McGregor maybe vying for a spot in WWE. Would he do well here? Do we want him?

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8/17/17: Vince sours on Dolph, Summerslam Trivia, 205 Live gets good

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:

  • We do a Game of Thrones recap because we can’t ignore a show this good. Is Littlefinger playing Sansa against Arya? Who will die when Jon goes past the wall? Is it wise trying to get Cersei’s help? I’ll answer that one now; no, no it isn’t.
  • We cover how far Dolph has fallen in the last 6 months after a story about Vince souring on him arises and it’s all due to Cena.
  • Daniel Bryan is doing a strange medical treatment to get his head right for a return to the ring. Will it work and why does Cam hate him?
  • 205 Live impresses this week. A few great matches and Neville starts to get a little BROKEN himself.
  • Summerslam preview with our predictions. Which match are worthy of a nice long nap, which are must see and which ones have terrible builds.

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Will Ronda Rousey be good for WWE?

In the news this week, we learned that Ronda Rousey is training with The Brian Kendrick to become a wrestler. This brought up the discussion, will she be good for WWE or will her presence hold back other talent in the company? Listen to a short clip of our discussion below:

Should Chad Gable be in cruiserweight division?

  • This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast:
  • We started the show discussing the another problem with Internet Wrestling Community, specifically addressing what to do with Asuka belt in NXT.
  • We did run down of Raw including Brock leaving WWE after Summerslam, Jason Jordan on Miz TV,  Roman Reigns V Braun Strowman V Samoa Joe, and lastly the horrible Big Cass vs. Big Show match.
  • We played WWE Dating Profiles. Spoiler Me and Miz are going on a date.
  • We went over the wrestling world’s new and rumors of the week. Including Paige return to WWE, John Cena landing a major movie role sort of, things are looking bad for Enzo in the backroom, Paul Heyman wants Samoa Joe to get the title, The Edge and Christian show that Totally Reeks of Awesomeness cancelled :(, WWE profits not doing well, and Brock only going wrestle at Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.
  • We discussed  NXT major highlights  Aleister Black and Asuka.
  • We talked about all the top stories on Smackdown including the Aj Styles Vs. Kevin Owens another title change, Sami Zayn Vs. Aiden English, Fashion Files, our “MATCH OF THE WEEK” Rusev Vs. Chad Gable, and my personal “MATCH OF THE WEEK” Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. John Cena.

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Did Roman make Braun?

This week, we discussed / argued profusely about whether or not Braun is so over today only because he has been for months punishing everyone’s most favorite superstar to hate, Roman Reigns. Cam and Randy say hell no, Braun has tons of charisma and a natural intensity. While Jeremy states that if Big Cass was put in the same spot, he’d also be headlining Summerslam right now. Who do you side with? Listen below to hear the full argument.