What is the Worst Finisher in WWE?

WWP runs through a bracket of the top 8 worst finishers in WWE as voted on by the hosts. There was tough competition with the likes of the Apollo Crews' standing moonsault, the World's Strongest Slam, Styles Clash and the Ruff Ryder. After finally narrowing it down to Dolph's lame ass Zig Zag and Roman's … Continue reading What is the Worst Finisher in WWE?

WWP’s Best of 4-05-2017

This week on the World Wrasslin Podcast, we recap the entire Wrestlemania card and review how our predictions from last week. Cam starts the show explaining his opinion on the Undertaker fans who cry over him leaving. We play a new game called the Old Gimmick Match Game where Cam/Randy are given a set of 3 … Continue reading WWP’s Best of 4-05-2017