Could Omega be an Alpha in WWE?

Kenny Omega coming off an epic war with Okada at wrestle kingdom 11 which many are labeling match of the year. He has come out on twitter to say he is taking time off to reevaluate his next move, which brings us to question could he be what WWE needs? Could he excel in WWE which is the biggest stage? Omega is a guy who will do what it takes to be the guy, he won’t hold back and just screams charisma. He has a look and swag that could make him one of top guys as soon as he walks in. He has ability to tell the story inside the ring like all the best do. He’s a straight fucking rockstar! From everything I’ve seen from him , he’s one of those guys you can’t take eyes off when they are in the ring. He could very much be like AJ and make everyone he faces better. Hopefully WWE tries to get this to happen because i personally would love to see what he could do in the big league.

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