Raw is the C show

I’m going to try and keep this short. Raw has become the C show. Yes, the C show. I think it’s pretty well accepted by now that Smackdown is leagues ahead of Raw. It even beat Raw in the ratings last week. I would even say that NXT is ahead of Raw. It is for me. NXT may not have the most creative stories but they have great wrestlers and they spend the time to show off those wrestlers with decent length matches.

Raw spends too much time on squash matches, replays of events that have just occurred, old wrestlers to get cheap nostalgia pops and the over-done “authority” angle. Do the GM and commish need to be involved at every point in the show? And when they do appear, it’s as if the whole segment is about them. You should be helping new stars get over, not boosting your own stock. DB/Shane only appear for quick segments on Smackdown and it’s to help promote whoever they are with at the time. The Raw writers need to step up their creative game if they want to keep the 3 hour format and compete with their other brands. It’s impossible to watch live with so much filler and old material. There just needs to be more substance to keep fans interested for 3 hours every Monday.


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