Does the Hall of Fame mean anything?

With Wrestlemania around the corner its once again time for the WWE to pick its 2017 inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame. As always there are going be some real stinkers with one or two truly deserving recipients.  When you think of the Hall of Fame you should think of legends such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.  However, when you look back last couple years we such “greats” as Rikishi and Godfather.  The Hall of Fame should be the last stop for the wrestlers that influenced and made positive contributions to their art.  It seems now that Hall of Fame may just become a stop for wrestlers that were liked within the company.  If you look at the NFL they always induct their greatest athletes and I mean GREATEST.  Not the athletes that were most liked or cherished, but the best of the best.  Now I am not diminishing what Rikishi and Godfather did during their times in the WWE, I just do not believe it was Hall of Fame worthy.

We look towards this years Hall of Fame, it has been reported DDP will be inducted. At first I was against this decision.  I thought does DDP deserve the Hall of Fame recognition, I started looking over DDPs record.  He had a career spanning three decades and numerous titles.  Does how many belts you have won dictate a place in the Hall of Fame?  In that case Roman Reigns and Sheamus are already in a place to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, but in my opinion at this moment neither of them deserve a place inside the golden halls.

I am still conflicted on the idea of DDP making in the Hall of Fame at this moment I think he deserves over most. I am more worried on who is next if WWE wants to induct 5 or 6 wrestlers a year.  My feeling is the unworthy may start entering more than the worthy. When this becomes common place, the Hall of Fame will be meaningless.

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