End of the Year Awards

Here’s an amalgamated list of each of our answers.

  • Breakout Star of the Year: AJ, Dean, Ellsworth
  • Woman of the Year: Charlotte
  • Match of the Year (WWE) : KO vs Sami at Battleground, AJ vs. Cena at Summerslam
  • Match of the Year (NXT) : Revival vs DIY Takeover Toronto, Finn vs Samoa Joe at Lowell, MA, Sami vs Shinsuke
  • Disappointment of the year: Finn getting universal title and then getting injured, Dolph’s career
  • Tag Team of the Year (WWE): New Day, Enzo and Cass, Heath Slater & Rhyno
  • Tag Team of the Year (NXT): The Revival
  • NXT Superstar of the Year: Shinsuke, Samoa Joe
  • Heel of the Year: Miz, Samoa Joe
  • Babyface of the Year: Shinsuke, Becky Lynch, Dean Ambrose
  • Moment of the year:  Finn winning the universal title shot on his first night and winning the title, The list of Jericho, Golberg beating Brock in 60 seconds
  • Funniest Segment: Rhyno Claus on Talking Smack, New Day makes the list
  • Who to look out for 2017: Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin
  • Superstar of the Year: AJ


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